Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purple Tree

Colored Pencil and Steadtler fineliner on coverstock.
(This card has been traded and is no longer available.)

Forest Driftwood Sketch

Pencil Sketch on cardstock. Unfortunately, the scan is not picking up as many of the pencil strokes as I would like, but we do what we can with what we have...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My internet is down and so is my car. The only way for me to update my blog is to go to the public library accross town. This is an issue because I work evenings and my husband works days. In other words... there may not be posts here for a while. I will get back when I can. Thanks for stopping by!

-Lady Kristianna

Squirrel (Commission #2)

This is for my cousin Kendra:
Made with colored pencil and black Staedtler fineliner art pen.
(created February 13, 2010)

Raccoon in Tree (Commission #1)

I started taking commissions from people. (Well, more like art prompts.) I have been asking people what I should draw to get the creative juices flowing. No charge or anything for the time being.

This is for my friend John:
Made with colored pencil and black Steadtler fineliner art pen.
(Created February 16, 2010)

New Zentangle

(Created February 16, 2010)


Painted on glossy cardstock with metallic green acrylic paint. Then used permanent marker, metallic gel pens, and metallic paint pens.
(Created on February 11, 2010)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Colorful Zentangle

This is yet another artwork from my old sketchbook.
(Competed March 18, 2008)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


More stuff from my old sketchbook. I am thinking about cutting this up into ATC sized pieces, and using those as separate art pieces (the original was made on a 9x12 sketchbook page). Not so sure though because I like it as is.
(Completed sometime in 2008... if you could call it done. I may work on it more in the future.)

Dark Blue Swirl ATC

This ATC was created using black, blue, and silver metallic acrylic paints on Strathmore acrylic ATC paper. I also used a similar method as described in the previous post by scraping into the wet paint with a hard edge. After everything was dry I went over it with silver 3D glitter paint.This particular piece was also created when I was in a foul mood after work one night. I was in a better mood when I was done. Just shows how therapeutic art can be!
(Completed February 5, 2010)

Time & Space ATC

This card happened by accident. I was at my art group playing around with stuff, and this is what happened. First was a layer of metallic blue acrylic paint, then a layer of crackle medium. After the crackle medium dried, I put on a layer of metallic yellow-gold, but the crackle medium didn't work correctly. The gold paint kind of gummed up on the surface. Since it didn't work out as intended I took the edge of my ruler and scraped lines into it.

My friend John who hosts the art group loved it. The scanned image doesn't do it justice. Because of the texture and metallic paint, when you hold it at different angles it is like you're looking at a different piece of art each time. John was the one who came up with the name for it.

Behold... "Time and Space"
(Completed February 9, 2010)

Whimsical Cat

From the depths of my old sketchbook...
(Completed March 12, 2008)

Pink Flower ATC

This mixed media card was created with a variety of materials. Painters pens, Bic Mark It markers, 3D glitter paint, Prang metallic brush pens, and Staedtler fineliner pens.
(Completed February 4, 2010)

Whimsical Landscape ATC

I made this with Bic Mark It permanent markers and a Staedtler fineliner art pen on glossy cardstock. 
(Completed on August 5, 2009)

Rising Sun ATC

I made this with Bic Mark It permanent markers and a Staedtler fineliner art pen on glossy cardstock. This is one of my favorite ATCs that I've ever made.
(Completed on August 1, 2009)

Fortune Cookie Themed ATCs

These mixed media ATCs were created with a base of small patterned fabric squares, a printout of a fortune cookie clip art found online, real fortune cookie fortunes (some of which are years old), and metallic acrylic paint. (Completed July 30-31, 2009)