Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Advent Paper Chain

This is what I've been up to today: an advent calendar paper chain. On the back of each paper chain link there is a Christmas activity for us to do like baking sugar cookies, watching a Christmas movie, or making homemade ornaments. I got the printable sign from The Tom Kat Studio and the printable paper chain links from The Paper Mama. Both printables are free!

  1. Go buy our annual "special ornament" from Hobby Lobby.
  2. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  3.  Make paper snowflakes.
  4. Make homemade Christmas ornaments.
  5. Build a (paper) snowman.
  6. Have a Christmas music dance party!
  7. Make a nativity.
  8. Eat a candy cane
  9. Write a letter to Santa Claus.
  10. Check out some Christmas books from the library.
  11. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
  12. Christmas coloring pages.
  13. (My sister-in-law's birthday) Make a birthday card for her.
  14. (My birthday) Make a birthday cake.
  15. (A cousin's wedding) Drive out of town.
  16. Make Christmas cards for friends.
  17. Play some board games as a family.
  18. Read the Christmas story in the Bible.
  19. Sing Christmas carols.
  20. Make homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream.
  21. Pop popcorn and watch Christmas movies.
  22. Bake Christmas cookies and other treats.
  23. Decorate cookies and gingerbread houses.
  24. Read "It was the Night Before Christmas."

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